Fire and smoke protection control system

The easiest way to maximum safety



Developed as a result of a long-term cooperation with Belimo. All modules are made exclusively for Belimo actuators and are compatible with them.

  • System proven in practice
  • Increasing safety
  • Reducing cost
Proven in practice
  • Since 2006
  • more than 60 objects
  • more than 40.000 units
  • over 100.000.000 people protected per year


  • Ensuring safety for millions of people daily
  • Fully meets today’s requirements of modern building
  • The main advantage – reliability of operation
  • Fully operable in case of a bus short circuit
  • Fully operable in case of an interruption of the bus cable
  • Dedicated SCADA system (alarms, logs, reports, commands)


  • Major reduction of costs in important segments (material, planning, installation, commissioning, maintenance)
  • Cabling cost reduction (for E30 and E90 safety cables) by at least 80% compared to standard hard wired solution
  • Reduced energy cost by shutting off non used zones in the building
    Protection of tangible assets in the building
  • All logic is in control matrix. No programming needed
  • Extended inspection cycles thanks to remote test possibility
  • Low space requirement
  • Is open for future changes and can be easily adapted (reduced reconstruction costs)
  • Up to 16 rings
  • Up to 500 units in one ring
  • Up to 1000 elements in one ring
  • Maximum length 5.000 m
  • Maximum distance between units: 500 m
dedicated SCADA system for monitoring and control of fire protection system
  • graphical display of all elements’ state
  • real-time display of the current system state
  • real-time display of current alarms in the system
  • control of single elements
  • control of group of elements
  • system functioning data acquisition
  • generating different report types
  • several levels of access rights
software system for setup and maintenance of complex systems
  • setup of complex systems without programming
  • system configuration through a simple alarm –> element interaction matrix
  • fire protection zones visualization
  • alarm expression definition through graphical interface (FB logic)
  • Effective tools for system commissioning (step-by-step cabling checking, automatic addressing, freeze mode)
  • access rights setup
  • AES-256 encryption data protection
  • BACnet IP communication with BMS
  • protection of BACnet IP communication through SHA-256 message signing
Advantages at a glance
  • Simple - Reduces planning, installation and maintenance costs significantly
  • Safe - Meets the requirements of today’s building architecture and safety awareness
  • Comprehensive - Covers fire protection, smoke control and is open to integrate fans, fire alarm system etc.
  • Dedicated - Is a dedicated stand-alone system, (working independent from the BMS) representing state of the art technology for integrated fire protection and smoke control in buildings
  • State of the art tehnology - For integrated fire protection and smoke control in buildings
Saving people’s lives

Protects over 22.000.000 people yearly at the Vienna International Airport

Protects over 20.000 people daily at Shopping City Sud

23.000 students a year at the Vienna University of Economics and Business
and those are just a few examples

RingBus system protects people in hospitals, train stations, universities, shopping malls, large office buildings, garages, hotels, airport…

Dedicated safety control system

RingBus is a dedicated safety control system developed by giving strong attention to modern requirements in architecture.

Its simplicity, flexibility and innovative technology allow easy integration into modern building without disturbing the architectural aspects, but also providing the necessary safety and functionality at an optimized cost/benefit ration.

Various available protocols provide full transparency to any overhead system.

I/O modules on the field and CPU side provide easy connection of air handling units, fans, fire alarms systems, etc.


Technical documentation

BKN 230 – 24RB

BKNE 230 – 24RB

RBCPU 1.02 IN Module

RBCPU 1.03 OUT Module

RBCPU 2.01 Ringbus master controller


RBFU 1.01 ST Field Unit

RBFU 1.05 ST Field Unit

RBFU 1.10 LE Field Unit

RBFU 2.01 ST Field Unit

RBFU 3.10 Field Unit

RBFU 3.20 Field Unit

RBFU 3.30 Field Unit