Guest Room Management System

Guest Room Management System based on C series of controllers is a flexible solution applicable for different size hotels, from small inns to luxurious hotels. Our Guest Room Management System is designed so that each room has one controller, and several room units. It is a scalable system meaning new elements can easily be added to meet the system requirements.

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Savings, comfort and safety


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Major Advantages of the System are


    We provide better energy consumption management that enables major savings in energy thus financial resources by reducing one of the largest operational costs in hotels.


    We bring the highest level of comfort to your guests with intuitive panels enabling easy access and control.


    We secure the feeling of safety for both, your guests and hotel staff by applying high level access control and monitoring 24/7.


    We offer solutions for your needs giving you the possibility to program your perfect room setting in a small simple hotel or a grand luxurious one.


    We make it possible for you to design your future glass panels by choosing different colors and pictograms to fit into your hotel interior design.


    We enable easy integration with other systems HVAC, PMS, DOOR LOCKS etc, via BACnet or Modbus protocols TCP/IP and Bluetooth.

Main functionalities

Guest Room Management System based on C series of microcontrollers is a flexible solution applicable for different size hotels – from small inns to luxurious hotels.

Main functionalities are access control, power saving, staff monitoring and more effective processing of different alarms.

Access control is implemented by RFID cards with security codes that guarantee safety in building. Security level is increased by alarm signals (SOS, flood, burglary) instantly sent to the monitoring computer.

Energy consumption optimization is achieved by air-condition system management, room lighting control and water consumption control.

Monitoring of hotel staff activities includes monitoring and reports on cleaning, maintenance and room availability control. This kind of monitoring improves quality of service and reduces business expenses.

Alarm system processing includes SOS calls, room service, “do not disturb” sign, flood and fire alarms, unauthorized access alarm etc. These features increase security level in the hotel and are often required for hotel’s higher rank.

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Guest Room EUROICC Panels Distribution

Our Guest Room Management System is designed so that each room has one controller, and several room units. It is a scalable system meaning new elements can easily be added to meet the system requirements.



A - Card Reader

Room Status Panel shows the room number, room status and has optional backlight display with integrated card reader for access control.

B - Card Holder

Keycard holder has an Energy Saving function alongside presence detection.

C - Display Unit

Customizable glass Room Thermostat with advanced energy management and temperature control with touch buttons and interactive display.

D - Wall Panel

Customizable glass keypad with touch buttons for various functions control.

E - Bedside Panel

Customizable glass keypad with touch buttons for various functions control which is installed on the hand reach from the bed.

EUROICC Guest Room Management System basic element

Web BACnet Router

WBa BACnet Router


Web BACnet router represents a connection between rooms and hotel monitoring system, using a BACnet protocol to connect to controllers and TCP/IP to further connect to the network.

Functional Controller

Functional Controller


Master Controller can be chosen from a variety of our controllers depending on requirements. The user may mix and match various IO resources (binary or universal inputs, binary or analog outputs and communication protocols (Modbus and BACnet MSTP).

Glass Room units

Glass Room units


Room units are defined based on needs, design, technical solution, etc. They are luxurious glass touch panels. Depending on the room configuration, they can include a card holder, corridor panel, thermostat units, bedside panels, and much more. There is also a wide selection of colors and pictogram designs to choose from. Room units are connected to a controller via Modbus protocol.

Guest Room Management System - Communication infrastructure
Guest Room Management System - Communication infrastructure
  • Room controllers are connected per floors or sections by BACnet MS/TP IP connection RS485 with BACnet router C4.WBR.02
  • One MS/TP line can connect for example up to 254 C2.FNC.34 functional controllers. Length of the communication line is maximum 1000 m.
  • BACnet router is connected to the monitoring server by ethernet connection on BACnet/IP protocol
  • Our system communicates with PMS and BMS and any other external system such as fire protection system
  • Central server (SHC-R) has SCADA functionality and can be extended with various data link and visualization modules
  • SHC-R acts as a communication bridge with Fidelio
Guest Room Management System - Reception management
Guest Room Management System - Euroicc Reception Management
  • Smart Hotel Control enables complete overview at the reception. From check-in to check-out all calls and signals sent by guest from their rooms are registered at the reception
  • Further more, reception receives emergency signals such as flood and burglary
  • All signals are shown in real time
Guest Room Management System - Software overview
Guest Room Management System - Euroicc Smart Hotel Network
  • Our system uses standard BACnet and Modbus protocols
  • Modular – supports different data sources and data visualization modes
  • Micros Fidelio is one of the most widely used hotel property management systems
  • Smart Hotel Control integrates through FIAS into hotel systems that use Micros Fidelio
  • Micros Fidelio covers reservations, guests, rooms, keys, state of equipment in rooms, hotel staff, paid contents (swimming pools, saunas, parking, etc.)


Toccata is a RMS that incorporates room monitoring and hotel management. The application enables an unlimited number of users.

Integration with Oracle systems


Oracle integration

ToCCata communicates with Oracle Hospitality OPERA and Suite8 property management system (PMS) via the Fidelio Interface Application Specification (FIAS) protocol. Communication enabled includes notification of guest check in and checkout, room movements, and stay extensions.

ToCCata provides an innovative and energy efficient approach to hotel room management. ToCCata’s main purpose is to provide better room experience and comfort to your guests. Its aesthetically pleasing modern design and intuitive user control interface all work together to create a better user experience. ToCCata enables an easier room energy consumption and an efficient power saving.

Integration with Salto systems

Euroicc supports two ways of integration with Salto systems using its Toccata software. A basic event stream integration and SALTO BAS software integration which enables active communication with Salto server and Salto door locks.

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Hotel clerk can remotely access information related to any room using selected (activated) options (filters). Currently available options are: set and actual room temperature, fan speed, room door open/closed, SOS activated, Room Service ordered, room status, Do Not Disturb sign on. The status of rooms is shown by different colors: yellow – occupied, blue – available, gray – out of service.


Add a new guest, Rent a room, Card creation


PMS is used for collecting data for this part of the application. Toccata can operate independently from PMS to program or erase key cards. The list of guests can be selected on the drop-down menu.


This section is to be used by hotel staff for key-cards encoding.




Design Customization
Color set
Onyx set
Texture set
Vertical set