BACnet PLC - M2.ANM.12

BACnet PLC – M2.ANM.12

  • 8 analog inputs with maximum 16 bit resolution
  • Inputs operate in self-scan mode
  • Calibration is performed during production. Inputs can be recalibrated using PC based application
  • Configuration of input type is performed by jumpers on the module
  • Monotonicity with no missing codes is guarantied


M2.ANM.12 analog module has 8 input channels with maximal 16-bit resolution (12 bit with factory default calibration).

Input section of the module is used for accepting and processing of all standard analog signals (current, voltage, and RTD). Simultaneously, every channel can accept a different type of analog signal.

Configuration of input types of a specific channel is performed by jumpers on the module itself. The measured value is one word per input. Inputs operate in self-scan mode. Calibration is done in software. Monotonicity with no missing codes is guaranteed.

Module is compliant with: EN 61131-1:2003, EN 61131-2:2003.


Additional information

Analog Input Characteristics


Number of inputs


Input type

Jumper selectable per channel:
• current (0-20mA)
• voltage (0-10V)
• RTD (Pt100 -200 to 850°C)


16 bit (12 b nit with factory default calibration)

Input impedance

• current – 100 Ω
• voltage – 10 KΩ

Maximum permanent overvoltage

± 20V

Galvanic isolation

Yes, optocoupled, 2.5 KV

Additional Specifications


Operating temperature

0 .. 55℃

Storage temperature

-30℃ .. 80℃

Relative humidity

max 95% r.H., no condensation

Protection degree


EBUS consumption


External power supply

24 VDC / 150mA

120 g
108 x 86 x 27 mm



Technical Data Sheet for M2.ANM.12

Analog module - M2.ANM.12