BACnet PLC - M2.ANM.13

BACnet PLC – M2.ANM.13

  • 6 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs
  • Inputs operate in self-scan mode
  • Calibration is performed during production. Inputs can be recalibrated using PC based application/li>
  • Configuration of input / output type is performed by jumpers
  • Monotonicity with no missing codes is guarantied


M2.ANM.13 analog modules has 6 input channels with maximal 16-bit resolution (12 bit with factory default calibration) and 2 output channels with 12-bit resolution.

Input section of module is used for accepting and processing of all standard analog signals (current, voltage, and RTD). Simultaneously, every channel can accept a different type of analog signal.

Output section of the module is used for setting up analog values (current and voltage). Simultaneously, every channel can generate a different type of analog signal.

Module is compliant with: EN 61131-1:2003, EN 61131-2:2003

Additional information

Analog Input Characteristics


Number of inputs


Input type

Jumper selectable per channel:
• current (0-20mA)
• voltage (0-10V)
• RTD (Pt100 -200 to 850°C)

AI Resolution

16 bit (12 bit with factory default calibration)

Input impedance

• current – 100 Ω
• voltage – 10 KΩ

Maximum permanent overvoltage

± 20V

AI Galvanic isolation

Yes, optocoupled, 2.5 KV

Analog Output characteristics


Number of outputs


Output type

Jumper selectable
• current (0-20mA)
• voltage (0-10V)

AO Resolution

12 bit

Setting time for full range swing

1 ms

Output load

• current ≤ 500 Ω
• voltage ≥ 1 KΩ

AO Galvanic isolation

Yes, optocoupled, 2.5 KV

Additional Specifications


Operating temperature

0 .. 55℃

Storage temperature

-30℃ .. 80℃

Relative humidity

max 95% r.H., no condensation

Protection degree


External power supply

24 VDC / 150mA

EBUS consumption


120 g
108 x 86 x 27 mm



Technical Data Sheet for M2.ANM.13

Analog module - M2.ANM.13