BACnet PLC - M1.POW.01

BACnet PLC – M1.POW.01

  • Switch mode power supply
  • Built-in galvanic isolation
  • LED operation indicator
  • Built-in short circuit protection
  • Excessive current and temperature protection
  • Soft start


The M1.POW.01 power supply module is designed to convert electric power from the public home/indoor electric grid to voltage-stabilized DC power necessary for stable operation of EUROPLC devices.

M1.POW.01 power supply module is implemented as switch mode`s power supply (chopper) with built-in galvanic isolation.

The front panel of this module has an operation LED indicator and input power connector. On the rear side there is EUROICC EBUS connector which transfers produced stabilized voltage over to other EUROPLC modules.

Module is compliant with: EN 61131-1:2003, EN 61131-2:2003.


Additional information

Power Supply Characteristics


Nominal input voltage

110/230 VAC

Input voltage range

95-265 VAC ; 50-60 Hz

Input current

110 VAC/0,5 A ; 230 VAC/0,3 A

Output voltage

7.8 VDC +/- 1 %

Output current

2,5 A max

Protection (built-in)

• short-circuit (non-latching)
• over current protection
• temperature protection
• input overvoltage
• soft start

Peak inrush current

1 A

Additional Specifications


Operating temperature

0 .. 55℃

Storage temperature

-30℃ .. 80℃

Relative humidity

max 95% r.H., no condensation

Protection degree


120 g
108 x 86 x 27 mm



Technical Data Sheet for Power supply - M1.POW.01

Power supply - M1.POW.01