Test Lab is open!

Test Lab is open!

We are happy to announce that our in-house Test Lab is open! Electric water heaters and thermostats are being analysed and tested by our experts from engineering team. Our analysis is completely in line with EU energy efficiency regulations. Every step is done according to 2009/125/EC Directive.

We are measuring water heater energy efficiency rates and finding ways to improve them. And we definitely found one - EUROICC electronic and smart thermostat! With the new EU regulations about energy efficient products, smart thermostats and proper insulation are the only ways for electric water heater to become ErP compliant.

Our team has completed testing of standard, 80l electric water heaters fitted with mechanical thermostats. Both types of thermostats, rod and capillary, were tested. Thermostat fitted with EUROICC electronics is also tested in this brand new laboratory. Our electronics with built-in smart function is next to go.

As a company, EUROICC is committed to creation of quality hi-tech and energy efficient products and solutions. If you’re looking for a smart, energy efficient and connected thermostats and water heater solutions, book a free consultation with our experts.

Stay tuned! More news and results from Test Lab are yet to come. Follow our website and social media for more info about us and electronic and smart thermostats.