The Xoran X-Cat

Xoran Technologies LLC was founded in 2001 by two research scientists from the University of Michigan with the goal of developing common sense, innovative technologies that enable physicians to treat their patients more efficiently and effectively. Xoran’s vision is to improve patient care by delivering innovative CT imaging solutions for instant diagnosis at the patients’ point of care. They are committed to offering CT imaging that provides a convenient and simple solution for both pa-tients and doctors. Xoran is devoted to meet the needs of today’s physicians and aid them in providing an accurate diagnosis using the low radiation dose scanners.

Xoran xCAT - an ultra-compact, portable CT scanner that provide real-time CT scans of the brain, sinuses, ears, and skull base. Its lightweight, mobile design allows it to be rolled into desired position in seconds and produce high resolution, 3-dimnsional images with slice thickness as low as 0.1mm.